Services for Managing Agents

Compliance and Auditing

  • Identify Supportive Services regulatory requirements
  • Audit provision of services, ensuring compliance with funders/oversight bodies
  • Establish efficient model of documentation of service provision

Revenue Maximization

  • Develop marketing and outreach plan to reduce vacancies
  • Perform community needs assessments and create/update Supportive Services plans to reduce turnover

Program Development

  • Identify the services to be delivered and the providers who will deliver the services
  • Negotiate and secure commitments, memoranda of understanding and/or contracts with Social Services providers who will implement the Supportive Services plan
  • Coordinate implementation of the Supportive Services plan
  • Foster systems integration—managing the interface between Supportive Services, Finance, Compliance, etc.


  • Customize staff trainings on Supportive Services topics
  • Customize educational curriculums for tenants