Services for Developers

Defining the scope of project

  • Define the target market/target tenancy
  • Identify regulatory requirements
  • Participate in design consultations with development team
  • Create timelines for Supportive Services planning, funding applications and other critical milestones


  • Prepare funding applications and provide additional information to funders as needed to secure awards


  • Prepare Supportive Services plans and budget including location of services, staffing requirements, and revenue/expense projections
  • Participate in Public Relations events and capital campaigns, local government outreach and pre-development meetings, as appropriate
  • Develop Marketing and Outreach plan to future tenants, including referral, screening, rent-up and waiting list protocols
  • Establish criteria for the selection of a property management agent

Program Development

  • Identify the needs of the target tenants, the services to be delivered and the providers who will deliver the services
  • Negotiate and secure commitments, memoranda of understanding and/or contracts with Social Services providers who will implement the Supportive Services plan
  • Coordinate implementation of the Supportive Services plan during development and rent-up