Supportive Housing Solutions LLC provides proven consulting services to developers, managing agents, social services providers, government agencies, and private landlords who are involved in the provision of supportive housing.

What is Supportive Housing?

Affordable, Supportive Housing provides permanent homes and supportive social services to low-income individuals with a range of complex needs. Residents of Supportive Housing live more stable and fulfilling lives. Landlords and property managers stabilize cash flow through guaranteed subsidies. Owners and investors profit from reduced vacancy and turnover costs, thereby preserving and enhancing asset value. Supportive Housing also decreases the burden on public systems, generating significant cost savings to the community. Supportive Housing comes in many shapes and sizes: large Multi-Family properties, Set-Aside units for specific populations, and scattered-site Master Leasing are diverse examples of models that work.

Summary of Services

For-profit and Non-profit Developers, Managing Agents, Social Services providers, Government Agencies and Private Landlords are integral to this evolving industry. We understand that these organizations require professional advice to design projects, assemble funding sources and operate sustainable communities. To ensure prompt and efficient delivery of specific project initiatives, long term strategic planning and everything in-between, Supportive Housing Solutions LLC is equipped to seamlessly guide Supportive Housing projects from early conception through lease-up and provision of services.